18 April 2021

Christ is risen, truly risen!

Dear parishioners and friends,

Once again the government of Ontario has announced new province-wide covid-19 protocols.  These will further restrict church attendance beginning on Monday, April 19th, at 12:01 a.m.  As of that date attendance at church service will be limited to no more than 10 persons per service.  Pre-registration for attendance at all liturgies will have to resume until further notice.  The new protocols are in effect until Wednesday, May 5th.  Here at St. Catherine's, Bond Head, our response, as during previous government-mandated lockdowns, will be to increase the frequency of weekend divine service.  Beginning this coming Saturday, April 24th, the following schedule will obtain: Saturday: Divine Liturgy, 10 a.m., Divine Liturgy, 4 p.m. Sunday: Divine Liturgy, 11 a.m., Divine Liturgy, 4 p.m.  And as in previous lockdowns each of these four weekend Liturgies will be followed, if needed, by a 15-minute Communion service. This will allow us a maximum weekend attendance of 80 people, which is more than enough for our small parish.  Given the circumstances, attendance at any of these eight services will suffice for the Sunday obligation.  We pray that all this will soon come to an end. 
God bless.  Glory to You,  Christ God our hope, glory to You!

To register for attendance at divine service, please call: Melissa by text at (289) 716-0639

​​St. Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church