​​St. Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church

And they offered a lesson on worship of Christ. A close up reveals Jake's paw resting on the Most Holy Mother of God (the Christ Child is covered, for now!):                                                                                                                        

Well, they are animals after all, and frisky, young cats for that matter. Surely, their "adoration" and their antics are acceptable to the Lord, for they praise Him by being what they are, as He made them.      

Christ is born!
Glorify Him!                                                              

Animals Come to Worship Him
​In the early days of this Advent season, a parishioner was intent on purchasing a few animal figurines for the family's Nativity scene. The animals that used to adorn the family's Nativity scene in previous years had each met an untimely end, one after another. But before any animal figurines could be purchased this year, the family's two cats began, daily, to settle themselves into a very special location:                                                                                                                                     

Unfortunately, on most days--since Jasper loves the straw in the Nativity scene--this is often a common occurrence:                                                                                                              

So, every day since that time, Jake and Jasper have been found lying near the Holy Family. Soonafter, they took to lying there even in the evenings: