​​St. Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church

Our Values

Welcoming & Inclusive

We are a group of ordinary people who gather to worship God.   We welcome all individuals and families in our community with love, respect, and dignity, including those with disabilities.    Our kindness to our brothers and sisters reminds all individuals and families that they are not alone and that they are part of a caring Catholic community.   We are an oasis and a refuge.   

Caring & Compassionate 

We are accepting, caring and dedicated community.  We practice empathy and understanding in all of our interactions.   We minister to each other, especially in times of trouble, through a thoughtful word, a comforting touch, acts of kindness, and our prayers.

Spiritually  Growing  

We are spiritual beings seeking a relationship with God, growing in our relationship with God and developing greater trust in God.   We help each other to discover our  faith and to fulfill our spiritual journey through seeking, listening and understanding.  We build our faith, honour our heritage and create a sense of shared belonging through the liturgy and spiritual heritage of the Byzantine rite of the Catholic church.  We are reminded through this heritage that we are part of something bigger, something that transcends ourselves and those beside us. 

Joyful & Renewing

Our lives are renewed as we share the love of Jesus by serving others with a spirit of joy. We are energized by our spirit of community, “breaking bread” and celebrating milestones of life together.   We find strength in a multitude of ideas and perspectives. We understand our responsibility to each other and to our community, and achieve our goals through effective collaboration. 


 We build and maintain the trust and confidence of our community, abiding by the highest standards of caring, honesty and  integrity .  We  are fiscally responsible, accountable, and transparent and lovingly support our community and our Catholic faith.  We are united as a group in our social vision, and support each other to make a difference in our community and the world.