Parish Prayer

​We come to you, Father,
In the Name of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ
who gives us new life.
Send Your all-holy Spirit upon our Parish
to lead us on the pilgrimage we have begun.

Trusting in Your great love for humankind, 

We ask You to bless us and our families
As, with one mind and one heart,
We unite to build up our Parish.

By means of this Parish 
We want to worship You.
We hope to obtain comfort and strength
amid the difficulties of life,
And to pass on to our children our faith and heritage

Help us to see that our church 
Is not just brick and mortar,
but a place of love, compassion, and understanding among all people.  

We are building Your Holy City.

We consecrate to You all our efforts 
as we work to grow this place of worship,
this church that reflects our faith.
Hear our plea for vision and guidance 
which we make in the Name of Jesus Christ 
Your Son, our Saviour and Lord.

We ask this 
by the prayers of His most pure Mother,
the prayers of the holy Great Martyr Catherine,
those of His holy kinsman and Apostle Jude Thaddeus,
and by the prayers of all the Saints.

Blessed are You for ages of ages.


​​St. Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church